All fat woman are really this underneath!

In 1947, a young fellow named Alfred Cooper awoke from a deep sleep of 5 weeks (was his birthday 5 weeks ago you see.. was partying hard). He was shocked, not only that he still have a horrible hangover, his house was gone and there was a dead hooker next to him, but he was most of all that his beloved mickey mouse wristwatch had dissapeared

Horrifed, he set out to find out what had happened to his watch. He did experiments on he's family and close friends to see if they would "randomly" vanish as well.

it was not until he had tied his two cousins together with rope and fell asleep that he relised. When he awake that morning he knew exactly what had happened, evil magical pixels from his computer screen had taken his watch and cousins because they were pissed off for being left on all night. Alfred through a rock a his monitor.. it bounced off.. the screen was covered in cracks.. though they started to heal! On the screen there was the words "your gonna pay for that bitch!" in grey on black text. He laughted and went to work. Doing his usual, searching the internet for videos of cats, things suddenly went deadly queuit. Alfred, taking his earphones out, looks around the office in a total confussion, everyone gone, then DING! turning to his screen he sees a message saying "bellies gonna get ya!". He gets scared, gets up and walks out looking at all the computer screens that he thinks are laughing at him. Getting to the hallway he looks back and runs manically toward the elevator. He gets in, he breaths a sai of relieve and sits down with his legs streched out. Then a voice appears over the intercom "BELLYS GONNA GET YOU BELLYS GONNA GET YOU BELLYS GONNA GET YOU BELLYS GONNA GET YOU BELLYS GONNA GET YOU" he screams and hits the emerancy stoip button and pries the doors open.. he falls out onto the second floor, he looks to his left to see about 200 Romba cleaners, he screambles to his feet, falling on his face then getting back up again, he runs to the stairs. He laughs at them saying "you can't do STAIRS!! HA!" they start falling off the edge of the steps like KiWi's. He gets to the ground level and runs into the street, aftering having a little problem with the automatic door shutting on his testicals. he into the street.. BANG! he gets hit by a bus. the bus driver, incerdently was his 3rd cousin, so he doesn't stop and help. After waking from unconisness, Alfred sees in the corner of his eyes a blood stained romba exiting the automatic doors.

he stumles up and staggers toward the closest person he could find. Which happened to be a little girl. He tugged on her arm, she turned around, screamed and shouted "RAPPPEIST!! AHHAHAMAHAHABLHA" Then, in complete contrast to the little girl, her mother, a fat ugly almost man looking sack of crap came stamping along. She stares at Alfred.. who is wave his hands saying he wasn't trying to rape. Then, the sound transformers make or something comes from the woman's head, and she started transforming into a terminator as does the little girl, somehow are both the same size now. Alfred gets killed by a furry of bullets and lasers.

Conclusion of this story? Never mess with computers. they're fucking kill you.. simples.