Whenever a number is divided or subtracted from another number they are discarded into the mathterlife. In the Mathterlife, the numbers turn into data which can then be harnessed to form various resources due to being manipulatable. The data can become physical by transferring it through a signal transmitter cable like a scart leadand from that you can create things the main problem is actually getting the data out of the mathterlife.

Wanna go there and gather some data? Think again!Edit

The mathterlife is a dark and evil place. Numbers all over the place broken and screaming, desperate to be added or multplied.

When they find a whole piece of data like you or me they try and absorb us but seeing as we aren't data it screws up.We become some sort of biological A.I. that is totally animalistic and eventually collapses in on itself like a nuetron star. So never go there physically and keep a firewall up when visiting it digitally.

Visiting the mathterlife digitally is the only way to gather this data, which should then be saved in a transferable file so it can be made physical.