Best of Friends

"I'd be nothing without these little bastards!" - Bill Gates on 0's and 1's

"Binary? No idea what your talking about, there's only iOS SDK, everything is made on that." - Steve Jobs on 0's and 1's

"what the hell Steve?" - Bill Gates on job's above comment

"You saying there are things out there not made with iOS SDK? Your crazy!" -Jobs

"Steve, right, ask your self this. If everything is made from the iOS SDK, then what made the iOS SDK?" - Gates

'"God did, clearly" - Jobs'

"ok.. who made god then?" - Gates

"Well, that is obvius, I did!" - Jobs

">_>" - Gates

">_< it's true Bill, sorry, even Windows runs on iOS4.0" - God

The dawn of DigitalEdit

God, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were walking through the garden of eden one summers morning. God asks "so guys, hows Earth going?"

Gates: So-So, not fantastic but much better then a last half of the 1900's.

Jobs: Yeah, I agree but Bill, use more i's in your senences, is always nice!

God: Riight, humm, hows your repective industies going? You know how keen I am of your two's work!

Gates: Well, there is a majour..... *interrupted by Jobs*

Jobs: WELL, I re-invented music, the mobile phone, the person computer and tablet computers!

God: what really?? Fantastic!

Gates: Steve! You know that nothing works! Our busniesses are complete failures, Microsoft only makes money from selling soft micro plushies of everything imagionable. Analoug will never work for our ideas!

Jobs: Ours ideas? MINE! ALL MINE!

God: Ooohh, analoug, yeah is a bit crap isn't it, you guys need some way of using a eletronical current that can be read so simplely, say could even be represented by just two digiets!

Gates: That might just work! Coupled with Logic and other eletronics componants, this is a sure fire method of allowing the people of Earth to one day be able to type "word" documents ANYWHERE


God: Ok, great, i'll get working on this, just two things, what two digits? and, could you make sure, everyone on earth knows, the real religion is **************************** (Religion censored to prevent pope from declearing war on God)

Jobs: i and i

Gates: what about 0's and 1's to show when there is a current and when there isn't one?

-This trascript was found in a cave in Eygpt

Scientololgist theory?Edit

Accoring to the founder of Scientoligoly, R Ron Hubbard, Digtal was invented by Zenu in 1901 aftering escaping from Glatic Jail once again.

He made Digital in hopes of making everyone in the univerce so lazy and not really that botherered to stop him, as all the media and enterainment that comes with Digital will be too good so no one would be willing to do anything else.

it is belived by Anon Wii haters (there isn't a lot) Wii Fit was made by Scientoligst leaders and not Nintendo, this was to try and create something using modern tech to keep people active and inhopes of preventing more brain washing througb fastfood to happen. (Zenu does own all Fast food restionts after all, he is the evil ditactor of everything now)